Privacy Policy

  1. Our company abides by the laws, regulations and guidelines of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information.
    Our company obtains, uses and provides personal information properly based on Japanese Industrial Standard’s “Personal Information Protection Management Systems-Requirements (JISQ 15001)”.
  2. When personal information is collected our company will disclose the purpose of use beforehand, and will not use it for any other purposes. Additionally, we will never offer up or make public personal information outside of the bounds agreed upon with the customer.
  3. Our company will not supply or disclose your personal information to third parties except in cases where you have agreed beforehand, provides that our company can disclose it when it is necessary; 1) to outsource the work or 2) for some other justifiable reason.
  4. If you wish to review your personal information, please contact to the relevant contact person we show on the website where you supplied or registered your personal information. We will make the efforts to appropriately respond to your request.
  5. Our company will make reasonable efforts to maintain and improve security to ensure that personal information is managed safely.
  6. While complying with applicable laws and regulations, our company will make ongoing efforts to improve and upgrade measures taken to protect personal information.