Business Data Science

Overview of Business Data Science

Nowadays, there are many industries/research sector are solving problems using AI / Data Science technology. As a matter of fact, AI / Data Science Technology is being used widely for solving Business Problems.
We have many reasons/purposes/motivations to use AI in business fields.
The most common reason to use AI / Data Science technology in business is using AI / Data Science operate human resource/human assistant and let human focus on more important business. Furthermore, making workflow/algorithm under complicated business flow can help reducing mistake caused by human.

Our Data Scientists have a vast experiences in Business Data Science as outsourcing/ offshoring projects and currently solving the business problems for clients around the world everyday.
Some of our projects are listed below.

Making Summary from language sentences

Natural Language ProcessingThis is a project machine understanding sentences  such as a sentence in an email. It then use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology in data science. After that, the system read the sentence and analyze the contents and finally it output the result of the summary. 

Example - Business Data Science(Natural Language )

Client An business sector
Overview Analyzing the sentences and output.
AI / Data Science Technology Natural Language Processing

Interactive Search System

Interactive search system. information retrieval by Data Science / AIThe motivation to use this search system is for user to search what user want to find with EASY. Nowadays we get huge information in the world even in the specific business fields but it is not easy to find what user want to find it.
It helps user finds what they want to find  to use a lots of Data Science Technology.

Example - Business Data Science(Interactive Search )

Client Business Sector
Overview Interactive Search Tool to find data more “EASY” from the huge data, big data.
AI / Data Science Technic -Information retrieval
-Query search
-Natural Language Processing(NLP)
-Machine Learning/ Deep Learning (Neural Network)

Sales Management with AI on the Data Lake(AWS)

Sales Management task by AI / Data Science with Data LakeSupporting sales activity can make huge impact to the company.
Although it might looks like a normal sales management system, but it is in fact included the AI / Data Science technology and also to using Data Lake.
At our AI Lab, we are currently supporting sales management activities by AI management.

Example - Business Data Science( Sales Management with Data Lake)

Client Business Sector
Overview Sales Management System with AI solutions on the Data Lake(AWS)
AI / Data Science Technic Data Lake(AWS)
Natural Language Processing(NLP)

Automation of a business task 

Automating a business task

. In real life business, we have a huge amount of business task needed to do. But in some situation, many tasks could be just an operation task, not the task needed to achieve on goal. This could turn a business task by human operation to be automated by AI / Data Science Technology. So, in stead of doing a task manually, we can automated a business task for AI to do, then we can focus on the important task for the business for the success of the business.

Example - Business Data Science( Automation a business task)

Client Business Sector
Overview Automate a business task by AI / Data Science.
AI / Data Science Technic Data Lake(AWS)
Machine Learning

Data Science Project

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