Data Science Project

Overview for AI / Data Science Project

Vietnam AI Lab has a lots of AI / Data Science experiences with many industries.
As a example ,we have experiences  of industries for Healthcare, Medical, Business Domain, insurance industry ,Sales company,  relationships with university etc on the outsourcing/offshoring project.
Our Data Scientists are solving many business problems by AI / Data Science approach as like Machine Learning/Deep Learning(Neural Network)/Statistics etc.
When working with Data Science project, We need to study / understand deeply about the Business Background / Business Domain knowledge as a same with Data Science technology itself.
(If our Data Scientist are just focusing on only AI / Data Science technology itself, the project does not work well and finally we could not solve the business problem of clients.)

Now we will show some of the examples of actual AI / Data Science projects for each business categories below.
(Healthcare Data Science, Business Data Science, Weather Data Science)

Data Science

Healthcare Data Science

Data Science


Business Data Science

Weather / Radar Data Science


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