Data Science Projects

Overview of AI / Data Science Projects

Vietnam AI Lab has many AI / Data Science experiences involved in numerous industries.
For example, we have experience in Healthcare, Medical, Business Domain, Insurance industry, and Sales company. We also develop a good relationship with universities and so on for outsourcing/offshoring projects.
Our Data Scientists are using many approaches in AI/ Data Science like Machine Learning/ Deep Learning (Neural Network)/Statistics, etc,... to solve business problems.

When working on a Data Science project, we need to study / understand deeply about the Business Background / Business Domain information much like studying Data Science technology itself.
(In our opinion, if our Data Scientists only focusing on AI / Data Science technology itself, the project could not go well and we could not solve the client's business's problems.)

Below we will show some examples of our actual AI / Data Science projects for each business categories below.
(Healthcare Data Science, Business Data Science, Weather Data Science)

Data Science

Healthcare Data Science

Data Science


Business Data Science

Weather / Radar Data Science


Weather / Radar Data Science

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