Healthcare Data Science

Healthcare with Data Science
(Healthcare/Medical /Biomedical / Pharmacy) 

The Healthcare is one of the most important categories for business for healthcare innovation and digital healthcare. and The Healthcare itself will be more important fields as a view of SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals).

MTI Technology AI Lab have many Data Science projects in Healthcare / Medical / Pharmacy /Biomedical fields as a outsourcing/offshoring project and we say it is `Healthcare Data Science` .
In Healthcare Data Science fields, normally Data Analysis is one of the main task in this industry but our Data Scientist also has experiences to solve the problems for industry business itself and labor problems, it is not only the data analysis.
We will introduce our  some of Data Science projects in Healthcare / Medical / Pharmacy /Biomedical fields on outsourcing / offshoring project as a example below.

OCR for Medical Paper

OCR Medical Paper

We will have a lots of paper
in Medical / Pharmacy industry
for the patients. To reduce the time of human operators in Medical / Pharmacy industry , OCR(Optical character recognition) is one of the solutions. Our Data Scientists are applying a lots of technics of Data Science(Deep Learning, Neural network, Dictionary lookup, improve post process etc) and  daily keep to improve the accuracy of the OCR itself and also improve to reduce the time of human operator.

Example - Healthcare Data Science(OCR)

Client A Healthcare Sector
Overview -OCR Extract Text Data from Physical Paper of Medical
-Improving the Accuracy of Extraction for Text.
-Reducing Human Resource to input the data.
AI / Data Science Technology -Pre-Process / Post – Processing modeling
-Deep Learning (Neural Network )
-Machine Learning
-AWS Cloud
-Auto Generate System for Test Image Data

Human Health Prediction for annual health checkup

Prediction Health check up

The most of the country has the law / rule to check human health status.
Our Data Scientists will analyze and predict  the human health status from the health checkup data.
From the prediction of those health check,people knows their health forecast status. Our Data Scientist has much experiences for this fields
to work with our statistics / mathematics skills.

Example - Healthcare Data Science(Human Health Prediction)

Client A Healthcare Sector
Overview Analyzing human healthcare data and
predict sickness of human in the future.
AI / Data Science Technology Statistics Mathematics

Human Disease Prediction for a Disease 

Human Disease Data Prediction
We also have a research project to predict a disease from the symptoms data.
To analyze from the symptom and those data, people has possibility to find a disease
in early stage of disease.

Example - Healthcare Data Science(Human Disease Prediction)

Client An University related with healthcare
Overview Analyzing the data related with Bio and
find from the data.
AI / Data Science Technology Statistics Mathematics

Bio Data Analysis
Our Data Scientists have a project Bio Data Analysisabout data analysis of human bio data. It is related project with university. 

Example - Healthcare Data Science(Bio data analysis)

Client An University related with healthcare
Overview Analyzing the data related with Bio and
find a disease from the data.
AI / Data Science Technology Statistics Mathematics


Algorithm Development to solve complicated Operation in healthcare industry

Algorithm Development Complicated Healthcare industryWe can see too complex operation in the healthcare /medical/ Pharmacy industry. because it has many Business Flow/Rule/Law in those industry and most of those operation are too complicated. For solving those complexity and reducing time of human operate of this operation, We  develop Algorithm and applied to the Healthcare sectors with our
mathematics approach.

Example - Healthcare Data Science(Algorithm Development)

Client A local Government related with healthcare
Overview Provide the day of vaccination date for user to use search logic
AI / Data Science Technology Search logic
discrete mathematics
Machine Learning
Azure Cloud

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