Our Data Scientists

Our Data Scientist’s Background

MTI Technology AI Lab is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and we have a total of 30 members (including Data Scientists and AI Engineers).

We consider our team an international team due to most of our Data Scientists have an academic background from abroad and our Data Scientists come from different countries. Our Data Scientists also have an academic career in University.

Therefore, we are very confident with Statistics and Mathematics approaches. Our Data Scientists are providing business values through Data Science for each many industry such as healthcare, business, and weather industry.

PH.D Computational Statistics  (Statistician, Data Scientist)

PH.D Computational Statistics 

She has completed her Ph.D. with specialization in Computational Statistics, from University of South Brittany, France. Before that, she acquired her Master of Science in Applied Statistics from University of Paris VI, and also had seven years of experience working as a Senior Lecturer cum Head of Mathematics Department at HoaSen University, Vietnam.


PH.D Computational Linguistics (NLP Data Scientist)

PH.D Computational Linguistics

She has recently completed a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics
in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin. 
As part of her studies she has lived in 6 different countries. She has received multiple scholarships during her studies including one from the European Commission, Science Foundation Ireland and Intel Ireland.


Master of Quantitative Finance (Data Scientist)

A graduate of Master of Quantitative Finance in UK.   Master of Quantitative Finance
Have a lots of experience for Data Analyst in Finance fields in previous company. After joining MTI Technology, she participated in many projects such as
 OCR Projects, Algorithm Project, Data Analysis Project to use mathematics and statistics skill she has.



Data Scientist and AI Engineer is working together

Data Scientist and AI Engineer is working together

Education Country of our Data Scientists

Data Scientist Vietnam
Education Country for Data Scientist

64% of our Data Scientists have an academic background in Foreign Universities. Total of 8 countries
(France, United States, Germany, UK, Romania, Australia, Japan,…)
so English is a common language for us to communicate with each other.




Academic Career of our Data Scientists

Data Scientist Vietnam
Academic Carrier for Data Scientist

57% of data scientist have a Ph. D / Master Degree

– Ph. D   (14%),
– Master Degree ( 43%)
Their academic fields are  Statistics/Mathematics/Data Science/ Natural language Processing/Science/Medical/Computer Vision/Computer Science.


Data Scientists and Engineers

Data Scientist Vietnam
Data Scientist and AI Engineer


Most of our staff are Data Scientists but we also have AI Engineers to develop AI System and cloud computing.
AI Engineer have a lot of software technical and server/cloud/Data Lake (Azure/AWS/GCP) experiences.



Data Scientist Mentors (Professors)

We have 3 foreign professors for mentoring their Data Science / AI techniques.  We also have Data Science seminar hosted by 3 professors.

Vietnam AI Lab Video (Data Scientists, Engineers)

Please also check our short video clip about our Data Scientists and AI Engineers here.

Data Science Blog (Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning)

Our Data Scientists / AI Engineers are constantly providing informative blogs about Data Science / AI technology. 

Data Science Blog
Data Science Blog(Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
Data Science Blog(Statistics)
Data Science Blog(Healthcare)
Data Science Blog(Weather Data Science)

Data Science Projects

Check our Data Science projects below.
Data Science Project
Healthcare Data Science
Business Data Science
Weather Data Science

Hiring Data Scientist / Engineer

We are looking for Data Scientist and Engineers.
Please check our Career Page.

Vietnam AI / Data Science Lab

Vietnam AI Lab

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