Data Science Project Case

This is some of the our Data Science / Research  / AI projects examples.
Our Client are several industries ( Healthcare/ Medical/  Business industry etc)
Our Data Scientists and AI Engineer is working those projects with Client as a outsouce /offshore.

OCR for Medical Paper

Client A Healthcare Sector
Overview -Extract Text Data from Physical Paper of Medical
-Improving the Accuracy of Extraction for Text.
-Reducing Human Resource to input the data.
AI / Data Science Technic -Pre-Process / Post – Processing modeling
-Deep Learning (Neural Network )
-Machine Learning
-AWS Cloud
-Auto Generate System for Test Image Data
Member -3 Data Scientist and 1 AI Engineer


OCR Text Extraction

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Book Natural Language Processing
Client A Business Sector
Overview Making Summary from Books
and Reducing Labor Cost
AI / Data Science Technic Natural Language Processing(NLP)
AWS Cloud
Member 2 Data Scientist

Data Prediction / Data Analysis

Client Medical Sector
Overview Analyzing human healthcare data and
predict sickness of human in the future.
AI / Data Science Technic Statistics Mathematics
Member  2 Data Scientists
Healthcare / Medical Data

Interactive Search System

information retrieval
Client Business Sector
Overview Interactive Search Tool to find data more “EASY” from the huge data, big data.
AI / Data Science Technic -Information retrieval
-query serch
-Natural Language Processing(NLP)
-Machine Learning,
-Deep Learning,
Member  3 Data Scientist

Algorithm Project

Client Healthcare Sector
Overview Provide the day of vaccination date for user to use search logic
AI / Data Science Technic Search logic
discrete mathematics
Machine Learning
Member  2 Data Scientist

Sales Management System with AI on the Data Lake(AWS)

Data Lake (AWS)
Client Business Sector
Overview Sales Management System with AI solutions on the Data Lake(AWS)
AI / Data Science Technic Data Lake(AWS)
Natural Language Processing(NLP)
Data Analysis
Video Analysis
Member 1 Product Owner
3 AI Engineer
1 Data Scientist


Weather Forecast with Data Science

Client Weather / Radar Industry
Overview Prediction Weather Status from Weather Radar Data(Weather Forecast)
AI / Data Science Technic Statistics Approach
Member 3 Data Scientists


Weather Forecast Data Science