Data Science Project


OCR for Medical Paper

Client Healthcare Sector
Overview -Extract Text Data from Physical Paper of Medical
-Improving the Accuracy of Extraction for Text.
-Reducing Human Resource to input the data.
AI Technics Pre-Process / Post – Processing modeling
Deep Learning (Neural Network )
Machine Learning
Member 3 Data Scientist and 1 AI Engineer

Data Science Vietanm





Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Client A Business Sector
Overview Making Summary from Books
and Reducing Human Resource of summary
AI Technics Natural Language Processing(NLP)
Member 2 Data Scientist

Data Science Vietanm


Data Prediction / Data Analysis

Client Medical Sector
Overview Analyzing human healthcare data and
predict sickness of human in the future.
AI Technics Statistics Mathematics
Member  2 Data Scientist

Data Science Vietanm


Interactive Search System

Client Business Sector
Overview Interactive Search Tool to find data more “EASY” from the huge data, big data.
AI Technics Search information,
Natural Language Processing(NLP)
Machine Learning,
Deep Learning,
Member  3 Data Scientist

Data Science Vietnam Machine Learning

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