At MTI Technology AI Lab Vietnam, our goal is to build an excellent team of engineers and researchers in Data Science / Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. Just as the machines of the industrial revolution multiplied, the physical power of man by thousands, we believe that if applied to the right domains and problems, AI has the potential to multiply the cognitive and creative power of humanity by millions.

In order to leverage this opportunity, MTI Technology AI Labs aims to bridge the gap between abstract theoretical research and practical applications to real-world business needs. Besides fostering creative approaches to known problems, the large diversity of backgrounds as well as the open and collaborative working environment of our research team, promotes the identification of entirely new tasks that can be solved by AI. Our data scientists has competence in a wide range of domains within Machine Learning/Deep Learning, and we are constantly pushing to expand on this.

If you are passionate about research, discovery and share your vision of fundamentally transforming the world using AI(Artificial Intelligence) / Data Science technology, don’t hesitate to contact with us. Below is a short summary of some of our existing axes of research and products.
The field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very wide. The Data Scientist of MTI Technology – AI Lab in Vietnam is working/studying/researching many techniques below.

– Object Character Recognition (OCR)
– Natural Language Processing (NLP)
– Data Analysis, Modeling and Forecasting
– Operational Research
– Intelligent Information Retrieval
– Machine Learning/ Deep Learning/Neural Network

1. Object Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR (Object Character Recognition) is an AI technology combining computer vision, natural language, and domain knowledge to extract information from image-based documents, such as scanned documents, camera-taken documents, or PDF files, into machine-readable text. The extracted information can be then classified into structured-data format depending on the demand of the application. At AI Lab, our Data Scientists have developed our own OCR system for reading documents that are used in health care sector like prescriptions. Another OCR system is for reading receipts and invoices has been also developed by our AI Lab in our recent years.

2.Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is an AI technology that combines both computer and human natural languages. NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms help by using computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. As a result, computers can help to analyze information from language data, for instance, extracting opinions from product reviews.  This technology also supports humans in automating some processes relating to communication, specifically in creating dialog systems for smart technologies.

At MTI Technology AI Lab, our Data Scientists have been working on a natural-language generation system for a few years.

3. Data Analysis, Modeling and Forecasting

In today’s information-rich world, business analysis transforms into business intelligence, in which peoples use advanced data analytics and modeling skills to get important insight information and make decisions. The bigger and more complex data is, the more sophisticated analytics and modeling skill are. Nowadays, besides statistical models, machine learning and deep neural networks are also used to analyze big data, help users to make more efficient decisions and more accurate predictions.

At MTI Technology AI Lab in Vietnam, our Data Scientists have been analyzing a large amount of health-care data from many projects in cooperation with hospitals and research institutes in Japan. Our result can support doctors or health care divisions in diagnosing diseases through medical applications and recommendation systems.

4. Operational Research

Operational Research is the discipline of using models to aid decision-making in complex implementation problems, mostly for operational or logistical processes. Operational Research uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to optimize the operations, reducing operating cost, but still improve the accuracy and efficiency of the system when compared with humans.

5. Intelligent Information Retrieval

A large amount of information is being created endlessly and cumulated over time, especially the knowledge and skills of experts in specific domains. The information can be structured data such as a well-defined database, but mostly is unstructured data like a raw text from documents or scraped text from websites. This has led to a demand for intelligent and efficient algorithms in research and text retrieval. Today, most techniques developed in AI have been applied to retrieval systems with more or less success, but they have been certainly contributing to creating novel value-added services.

At AI Lab, our Data Scientists initialized an intelligent information retrieval system called “Smart Manual”. This system is designed to deal firstly with small and specific domain knowledge, such as a system of company rules, procedures, and services. Our further target is an expert system that cans professionally assist medicine doctors in examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

Business Data Science

6. Machine Learning/ Deep Learning/Neural Network

Today, weather data is being collected increasingly with high resolution and high frequency, thanks to modern measurement equipment such as ground radars, air-bone radars, satellites. In recent years, besides traditional methods, machine learning and deep learning have also been intensively researched to help improve the accuracy of forecasting.

We, AI Lab has competences in processing data from various type of weather radars. In the last year, we had an opportunity to work on the data of radars network. Our main achievement is building a system for processing, analyzing, and forecasting weather radar images by using Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks.

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