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─ Solving manpower problems by using AI Technology ─

In 2016, MTI Technology was established as a subsidiary company of MTI .Ltd (TYO:9438, Japan) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Currently, we have over 180 staff across Vietnam.
In June 2018, AI / Data Science Lab was established as a branch of MTI Technology company.
AI Lab is consist of 30 members (Data Scientists and AI Engineers).

We  “Provide business values through Data Science to our customer.”

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Vietnam AI / Data Science Lab

“What is Vietnam AI Lab”?

Our lab will solve your business problem’s by providing clients with our AI Resource (Data Scientist / AI Engineer) as a Team / Laboratory/Capacity for each projects.

Over the past few years, many industries / companies have been applying AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) to their businesses. But, due to the lack of human resources ( Data Scientists, Ai Engineers) or technology, many companies could not apply AI to their businesses yet.

Problems could be occurred in companies/ businesses.

・Data could be stored but can not exploit it to the fullest.
・Data Scientists do not have enough resources.
・DS/ AI Engineer don’t have much knowledge about this field.

“What will Vietnam AI Lab solve?”

Vietnam AI / Data Science Lab -Lacking Resource and Technology

Our Vietnam AI Lab can solve 2 problems for our clients.
Problem number 1: lacking of Data Scientists/AI Engineers
Problem number 2・Supporting businesses with AI Technology 

・Problem number 1:  Lacking of Data Scientists/AI Engineers

Vietnam AI Lab can provide your businesses/companies by our expert team of Data Scientist and AI Engineers therefor solve this problem.

Most of our Data Scientists and Engineers have an academic background around the globe and achieved many degrees of Master/Bachelor and Ph.D.

・Problem number 2: AI Technology 

To apply AI / Data Science to different businesses / industries, current members must required more than enough skills about mathematics and statistics.
This problem could not be solved thoroughly by software engineers.
So, in order to solve this, AI Lab will provide your business with our excellent team of well-trained Data Scientists/ AI Engineers, we have the Head of Data Science in Tokyo.
We can also provide consultant session with our Head of Data Science in Tokyo for your own company’s project.

Data Scientist and Engineer 

Vietnam AI / Data Science Lab -Academic Carrier

60% members of Vietnam AI lab have experiences studying in many countries. Most of the Data Scientists have a degree of Master / Ph. D outside of Vietnam. Such as: US/UK/France/Japan/Ireland/Australia/Singapore, etc…

Although we are based in Vietnam but our team has a variety of members. They come from different countries like Germany, Indonesia, Japan. Therefor, we could communicate well by English.

Furthermore, we have a total of 3 mentor/professor (2 Japanese, 1 French)at our lab. Those member  along with the Head of Data Science in Tokyo will support / train our Data Scientists for Data Science technical issues.

Checkout the links below for more information about our Data Scientists.

Data Scientist and Engineer
Data Science Research
Vietnam AI Lab – Video

AI Technology・ Business DomainVietnam AI / Data Science Lab -Business and Technology

Our Data Scientists has strong knowledge / actual experiences in Mathematics and Statistics. Those are the Core Knowledge in Data Science / AI Development. In terms of technology, we are know for Data Analysis, Data Prediction, Algorithms Development , OCR Detection, Machine Learning , Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc… based on our Core Knowledge.

For business / industry view, we have many actual experiences for each businesses. But our strongest business areas are Healthcare Data Science,
Business Data Science, Weather Data Science.

Vietnam AI Lab – Project Example 

Check the link below for our AI Lab Data Science / AI Project’s samples.

Healthcare Data Science


Healthcare Data Science



Business Data Science


Business Data Science



Weather Data Science


Weather Data Science

Data Science Blog

Data Science Blog


Communication / Business Flow

Vietnam AI / Data Science Lab -Communication/Business Flow-

Our AI Lab has done many projects for our clients/businesses for many years with the consultation from The Data Science head in Tokyo.

Outsource AI Project .

We have several type of projects as a outsource / offshore in Vietnam.
1) Commercial Outsource Project
2) Proof of Concept (PoC)
3) Research Project
With our knowledge and vast experiences, we can certainly full-fill your request or solve any kind of problems with your businesses.

Security Cerfitication(ISO27001)

MTI Technology acquired the Security Certification (ISO27001) in September, 2019. We could proceed the Data Science / AI project following this security certification.

Vietnam AI Lab Company

Phone +84-2866-540-287
Address 15th Floor, Cong Hoa Garden, 20 Cong Hoa St,
Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
・AI( Artificial Intelligence)、Data Science Business
・Digital Transformation (DX) Business
・Product Development Business
・Software Development Business
URL -Ho Chi Minh (Head Office) :
-AI Lab:
-Digital Transformation :
History 2016:Established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a subsidiary company of MTI Ltd.
2017 :   Acquired 100 members.
2018 :  Established a Branch in Da Nang City ,Vietnam.
2018 : Established AI Lab in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Initial members were 15 Data Scientists.

2019  : Acquired Security Certification ISO27001
2020 : More than 180 members joined the company across Vietnam.
2020 : AI Lab acquired 30 members 

AI Lab Company info

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