Weather Data Science

Overview of Weather Data Science

Weather with Data Science is the one of the most important fields in AI / Data Science.  Weather problems have a large impact on our life and businesses . Sometimes disaster happened and cause great difficulties.
Weather field is on of the most important development goals in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Our Data Scientists have many experiences in weather industry as a outsourcing/offshoring project.
In Weather data field, we could get a large amount of information/data from the radar. So in order to analyze and using data is the most important part in this fields.
While working in weather field,  the business domain information also play a big part for our data scientists.

Weather Forecasting with Data Science 

Weather Forecasting Data ScienceOne of the major tasks that our data scientist currently working on is weather forecasting using data science approaches.

By using data science approaches,  we could predict a more detail weather status. Furthermore, it can help us find sudden disaster quickly therefor, help people's life.

Example - Weather Data Science(Statistics approaches)

Client An weather business sector
Overview analyzing weather data and forecasting weather by Data Science approaches.
AI / Data Science Technology Statistics approaches

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