Healthcare with Data Science
(Healthcare / Medical / Biomedical / Pharmacy) 

The healthcare sector is one of the most important categories for healthcare innovation and digital healthcare businesses. In addition, in terms of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the healthcare industry will be a highly important field in the future.

Our AI Lab has various AI/Data science projects mostly in the

Healthcare/Medical/Pharmacy/Biomedical industry. It’s known as “Healthcare Data Science.”

In the Healthcare Data Science field, data analysis is mainly one of the most crucial functions. However, our Data scientists have expertise in solving problems not only with data analysis but also with a variety of other strategies for businesses and labor issues.

Let’s take a look at some of our AI/ Data science projects in the Healthcare/ Medical/ Pharmacy/Biomedical field on projects below.

OCR for Medical Paperwork

OCR Medical Paper

Optical character recognition (OCR) is sometimes referred to as text recognition. An OCR program extracts and repurposes data from scanned documents, camera images and image-only pdfs. OCR software singles out letters on the image, puts them into words and then puts the words into sentences, thus enabling access to and editing of the original content. It also eliminates the need for manual data entry.

In the future, the medical/pharmaceutical industry will have an increasing amount of paper for patients. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has become one of the greatest methods for reducing human labor in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Our Data scientists are using a variety of Data Science approaches (Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Dictionary Lookup, Improve Post Process, etc.) to improve OCR accuracy while also saving human labor time.

AI/ Data Science Technology that we use to implement:
– Deep Learning (Neural Network)
– Auto Generate System for Test Image Data

Example – Healthcare Data Science (OCR)

ClientA Healthcare Sector
Overview– OCR Extract Text Data from Physical Paper of Medical
– Improving the Accuracy of Extraction for Text.
– Reducing Human Resources to input the data.
AI / Data Science Technology– Pre-Process / Post – Processing modeling
– Deep Learning (Neural Network)
– Auto Generate System for Test Image Data

Human Health Prediction

Most countries have enacted legislation requiring people to have their health checked at least twice a year (Health Check-Up).

Our Data scientists will use health checkup data to analyze and predict human health conditions.
We may produce various predictions based on those health checkup data so that consumers are aware of their health forecast status. Our Data scientists have a lot of experience in this industry and can use their statistics and math skills to help you.

Human Health Prediction for annual health checkup

Prediction Health check up

Most countries have created laws/rules to check the human health status (Health Check-Up) at least twice a year.
Our Data scientists will analyze and predict the human health status from health checkup data.
From those health checkup data, we can make various predictions so people know their health forecast status. Our Data scientists have many experiences in this field to take advantage of our statistics/mathematics skills.

Vietnam AI Lab – Healthcare Data Science (Human Health Prediction)

ClientA Healthcare Sector
Overview– Analyzing human healthcare data and
predict sickness of humans in the future.
AI / Data Science TechnologyStatistics Mathematics

Human Disease Prediction 

Human Disease Data Prediction
We also have the opportunity to work on a research project that will allow us to forecast diseases using data from symptoms. This is a significant contribution to humanity.
People can detect diseases at an early stage of development by analyzing symptoms from those data with statistical mathematics.
Then people will be able to implement ways to avoid obtaining those diseases.


Vietnam AI Lab- Healthcare Data Science (Human Disease Prediction)

ClientAn University related with healthcare
OverviewAnalyzing the data related with Bio and
find from the data.
AI / Data Science TechnologyStatistics Mathematics


Biomedical Data Analysis
Our Data scientists have a project about data analysis of human biomedical data. It is a university-related project.
This project also using statistic mathematics approach to analyze human biomedical data and predict diseases.
Bio Data Analysis


Vietnam AI Lab- Healthcare Data Science (Biomedical data analysis)

ClientAn University related to healthcare
OverviewAnalyzing the data related to Bio and
find a disease from the data.
AI / Data Science TechnologyStatistics Mathematics

Algorithm Development to solve complicated Operation in the healthcare industry

Algorithm Development Complicated Healthcare industryIn the healthcare, medical, and pharmacy industries, there are numerous complex operations. The reason for this is that those industries have a lot of business flow/rules/laws, and most of those processes are far too sophisticated. We built an algorithm and applied it to the Healthcare sector with our mathematical method to solve those complexities and reduce the time of human labor of
operation. E.g. We provide the date of vaccination for users to search logically. To do that, we have to use search logic, discrete mathematics, statistics, and deep learning (neural network).

Example – Healthcare Data Science (Algorithm Development)

ClientA local Government related to healthcare
OverviewProvide the day of vaccination date for the user to use search logic
AI / Data Science Technology– Search logic
– Discrete mathematics
– Statistics
– Deep Learning (Neural Network)