Business 4.0 Data Science

Business 4.0 is the next wave of change breaking over organizations across the world. The pioneers–disruptors–such as dominated the market share by adopting digital-first strategy to drive mass personalization, optimize process, reaping staggering gains.

Leading over-the-top platform leveraged digital technologies and customer data in order to improve user acquisition, personalized content suggestion, further serving content that delight their users.
“Customer expectations have always been the prime drivers of digital transformation.”
In Financial services sector, AI biometrics technology is widely implemented as consumers search for more self-service options. Another significant use case of AI is to prevent fraud & cyber-attacks, and anti-money laundering in middle office. AI has the ability to analyze and single-out irregularities in patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed by humans. The other growing AI application examples are alternatives credit scoring, Peer-to-Peer lending, legal compliance or algorithmic trading.