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MTI Technology AI Lab – MISSION

“Providing Business Value through Data Science”

MTI Technology AI Lab is located in Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam and subsidiary company of MTI Japan.

MTI Technology AI Lab is the Lab for AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Data Science in Vietnam. Around 30 Data Scientist and AI Engineer is working for AI project/AI Project in Vietnam.

MTI Technology AI Labs’ mission is to research and develop cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence in order to solve the previously impossible. Through real-world applications of our technology we aim to provide the Values through the Data Science.

MTI Technology AI Lab – Business and Technology

MTI Technology AI Vietnam Business and Technology
Business and AI Technology






Business Industry related with our Data Science
(Healthcare / Business / Weather)

Our strong industry is  Healthcare and Weather, Business industry. Mainly our project for Healthcare is data analysis and data prediction to use statistics and mathematics approaches. and also we have experience for the financial ,insurance and  other business industries.

The most of the projects our data scientist are working is  outsource , offshore  style project and we have some of the types of the projects below.
1.Product Project
2.PoC(Proof of Concept) Project
3.Research Project
we can work any kinds of business style for the projects to depends on the customer situation.

Please also check about examples of  AI / Data Science projects.
Data Science project
Healthcare Data Science
Business Data Science
Weather Data Science

Data Science / AI Technology

As a technical part, Our data science technical approach for fixing problem of business is based on the conventional mathematics and statistics approach.

Based on the mathematics and statistics approach, our Data Scientist will use Data Analytics/Data Prediction, Modeling, NLP(Natural Language Processing), Machine Learning, Deep Learning ,Image Processing (OCR), Neural Network.

Our ALL Data Scientist in Vietnam is working for those AI (Artificial Intelligence) Project to use AI Technics.

Data Science with Mathematics and Statistics

MTI Technology AI Lab -Data Science
MTI Technology AI Lab -Data Science

Our Data Scientist in Vietnam is using a lots of AI Technics as like Data Prediction, NLP(Natural Language Processing), OCR. The core knowledge for our those AI Technics is based on the Mathematical and Statistics  experiences and knowledge.  because our AI Lab knew that most of important and core knowledge for AI Project is  Mathematical and Statistics and we knew it we could not get good result for AI Project if we don’t have strong knowledge of Mathematical and Statistics.

So We MTI Technology AI Lab in Vietnam think the most important knowledge for the Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the Mathematics and Statistics knowledge.

We have many Data Scientists to have strong knowledge and experiences with Mathematics and Statistics and we are providing the value of AI through the data science.