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Digital Transformation (DX) takes the digital-first approach to all aspect of a business,
from leveraging data to drive intelligent workflows, allowing faster and smarter decision making, to changing customer experience and creating new business opportunities.

Digital transformation has never been about a one-time fix or a response to a single threat or market shift: the goal of undertaking DX is to leverage solid technical and operational foundation to evolve the organizations to respond in best possible way to ever-escalating customer expectations, and changing market conditions.

Digital Transformation is a journey of three stages. Firstly, in digitization stage, analog (physical) information is converted in to digital data. Secondly, processes and operations are transformed into higher-productivity optimized workflows, enabling employees to do higher-value work. Ultimately, undertaking a complete DX bring about a potentially disruptive transformation of business where innovative and strategic decisions are made better and faster.


Why do many organizations fail to leverage digital transformation?

Many organizations fail in their DX initiatives because they hurry to achieve the last stage without ensuring that their organizations are well-prepared in the previous stages. Oftentimes DX is undertaken as a response to a single threat or market shift without further thought to ever-changing customer expectations and market conditions.

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact DX?

AI technologies play a crucial role in any stage of DX and have been proven to accelerate the pace of transformation.

No matter which stage your organization at, with MTI’s proven track record, we bring AI-powered insights and comprehensive DX know-how to facilitate your organization successfully achieve true digital transformation.