Business Data Science

Many industries and research sectors are now adopting AI / Data Science technology to solve problems. In fact, AI / Data Science technology is increasingly being applied to solve business problems. We use AI in business for a variety of reasons, purposes, and motives.

The most common motivation for businesses to employ AI / Data Science technology is to help people operate human resources/human assistants while allowing humans to focus on more important tasks. Furthermore, creating a workflow/algorithm for a difficult business flow can aid in decreasing human mistakes.

Our Data scientists have deep experience in Business Data Science as part of outsourcing and offshoring projects, and they are currently solving business issues for clients all around the world.

The following are some of our recent projects.

Making Summary from language sentences

Natural Language ProcessingThis is a project that involves a machine that can understand sentences, such as those found in emails. Then, in data science, it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. The machine next reads the text, analyzes the contents, and finally outputs the summary result.

Example – Business Data Science (Natural Language)

ClientAn business sector
OverviewAnalyzing the sentences and output
AI / Data Science TechnologyNatural Language Processing

Interactive Search System

Interactive search system. information retrieval by Data Science / AI

The motivation to use this search system is for user to search what user want easily. Nowadays, we have access to a vast amount of information (big data) in the world, even in specific business sector, but it is difficult to find what users are looking for.

Using Data Science Technology, this method will assist us in finding what we are looking for by applying Information retrieval, Query search, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning (Neural Network), AWS approach.

Example – Business Data Science (Interactive Search)

ClientBusiness Sector
OverviewInteractive Search Tool to find data more “EASY” from the huge data, big data.
AI / Data Science Technic– Information retrieval
– Query search
– Natural Language Processing (NLP)
– Deep Learning (Neural Network)

Sales Management with AI on the Data Lake (AWS)

Sales Management task by AI / Data Science with Data LakeImproving sales management can have a significant impact on the business. We can improve the sales management system by combining Data Lake (AWS) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help enterprises develop their businesses.

Example – Business Data Science (Sales Management with Data Lake)

ClientBusiness Sector
OverviewSales Management System with AI solutions on the Data Lake (AWS)
AI / Data Science TechnicData Lake (AWS)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automation of a business task 

Automating a business task

We have a large number of business tasks to complete in real life. However, in some cases, numerous jobs may be just operational rather than those required to attain a specific purpose. This could allow a human-operated business task to be automated using AI / Data Science Technology with Data Lake (AWS), algorithm, and machine learning approach.
Therefore, rather than executing a work manually, we can turn it into an automated business task for AI to complete, allowing us to focus on the most critical duties and reducing the time it takes to achieve success.

Example – Business Data Science (Automation a business task)

ClientBusiness Sector
OverviewAutomate a business task by AI / Data Science.
AI / Data Science Technic– Data Lake (AWS)
– Algorithm
– Machine Learning