[Hiring] Data Scientist / Engineering Internship

  [Hiring]Data Scientist / Engineer Internship

Job Title Data Scientist Internship
Engineer internship
Location Ho Chi Minh
Contact recruitment@mti-tech.vn Employment Fulltime
Level Internship (full-time) Report to Team Leader


If you want to join in exciting and challenging projects, MTI Tech could be the next destination to your career path.

MTI Technology – AI Lab specializes in AI / Data Science projects. We design and develop AI products using AI / Data Science technology for outsourcing. MTI stands for an attitude: seeking a balance in excellence, pragmatism and convenience for customers. With the original members of 20, we grew our members up to more than 180 bright talents and continuing to grow more. Looking for a place to grow your talents and be awesome? This is the place!

Job Description

We are looking for candidates with strong experiences in data analysis, data prediction, machine learning, deep learning, image processing, algorithms, natural language processing to use Mathematics, Statistics.

Who we are looking for?

  • Must have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Be acquainted to statistical l mathematics.
  • Must have working experiences as a Data Scientist Intern or an R&D researcher Intern or Master of Ph.D. Candidate.
  • Have great ambitions and abilities to study the most leading-edge research by oneself and apply them to development process.
  • Have technical skills and creativity to build new technologies by oneself.
  • Adapt oneself to our working culture as a team such as discussion or sharing ideas.
  • During the development of an AI, there are many Trial & Error may repeats. To solve the problem with unclear specification or unfixed answer (result). For this particular reason, we are looking for the individual with the following requirements:
    • Be agile in the cycle of Trial & Error
    • Be concerned with small issues/ problems and solve all problems logically and efficiently.
    • Be curious about knowledge. The person who is greatly interested in and curious about knowledge surely grows the most.
  • Have experiences/strong ability in research.
  • English skill: must have good speaking and reading skills.

Programming Language

  • Python or .NET

Operational Environment

  • AWS, GitLab

What is it like to work in MTI Technology AI Lab?

At MTI Technology, our goal is to empower every individual to learn, discover, be able to communicate openly and honestly to create the best services based on effective teamwork.

You will love working here!

  • Competitive salary
  • Have a chance to be considered as an official employee

“Due to volume of applications, we regret only shortlisted candidates will be notified.”


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Hiring Data Scientist / Engineer

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