Performance Metrics for Weather Images Forecasting

If B=1 (unbiased), it means there are the same number of rain points forecast as the actual observed rain points.

If B>1 (over-forecast), it means more rain points are forecasted.

If B<1 (under-forecast), it means less rain points are forecasted.

  • Skill Score (SS):  This measure is used to check out the percentage improvement between models base on accuracy score (i.e. hit rate)

Skill Score

kill score between model 1 and model 2

Figure 4: Skill score between model 1 and model 2 across 60 minutes

From Figure 4, we can see that Model 2 shows at least 2% improvement in accuracy compare to Model 1. We also observe that at a later stage in the forecast time step (after 40 minutes), Model 2 shows up to 6% improvement in accuracy.


The choice of metrics can influence how we evaluate the performance of a particular model. It is important to choose the correct metric as it can affect our model selection step.


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