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Introduction to Healthcare Data Science

Introduction to Healthcare Data Science (Overview) Healthcare analytics is the collection and analysis of data in the healthcare field to study determinants of disease in human populations, identify and mitigate risk by predicting outcomes. This post introduces  some common epidemiological study designs and an overview of the modern healthcare data analytics process. Types of Epidemiologic …

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Binomial Theorem

Can you expand on ? I guess you would find that is quite easy to do. You can easily find that . How about the expansion of . It is no longer easy. It is no longer easy, isn’t it. However, if we use Binomial Theorem, this expansion becomes an easy problem. Binomial Theorem is a very intriguing topic …

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N-gram language models – Part 1

Background Language modeling — that is, predicting the probability of a word in a sentence — is a fundamental task in natural language processing. It is used in many NLP applications such as autocomplete, spelling correction, or text generation.   Currently, language models based on neural networks, especially transformers, are the state of the art: they predict very accurately a …

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